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‘Longpig #1:’ Comic Book Review

Mysterious characters, a creepy family, a missing sister, and cannibalism. These components lend to a horror comic worth reading.

Longpig #1: Who’s on First is the start of a five-issue series surrounding these very topics. It kicks off with a woman holding a live person captive in her car trunk before introducing us to the rest of the family at the center of Longpig. They all look normal enough, but just so happen to be cannibals.

Some SPOILERS ahead.

It’s difficult to review the comic without revealing some spoilers, so if you’re one of those who like to be surprised, stop reading here.

One of the family members, teenage Peardrop, seems disconcerted with the rest of her kin. The feeling of not belonging and her desire to be alone is strongly relayed between dialogue and art, and it leads me to believe there will be some interesting character choices in upcoming issues, especially with the introduction of a new character in scenes with her toward the end. The end of the comic also reveals new stakes for the family: a private investigator and his “boss” hired by a man searching for his sister who may just be a victim of cannibalism.

While the writing, art, and lettering are outstanding overall, there are some concerns for readers. The opening introduces the reader to so many characters, it is easy to get a little lost in the flush of unfamiliar faces. At some points, the balloons overlap the panels a bit too much, and reading on a screen makes it harder to follow when having to scroll up and down to find out who is speaking and what they have to say.

Other than those items, it’s a solid start to a new horror series. The cliffhanger is just enough to make me hunger (Pun intended.) for the next issue, and I cannot wait to see where the creators take us.

Creative Team: Grayham Puttock (Writer), Adam Jakes (Art), Aljoša Tomić (Colors), Ken Reynolds (Letters), Andy Bloor (Design)
Publisher: Don’t Look Now Comics
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Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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