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‘Jenny Zero #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

What defines a monster vs. a hero? Is it what a person is or what they do? Dark Horse Comics’ Jenny Zero #2 looks at this question in a unique way.

This second issue continues the story of Jenny Tetsuo. Jenny is a young, disgraced government agent who failed to live up to the heroic exploits of her father. As such, she has been labeled Jenny “Zero.”  When Jenny returns to government service, she discovers that, like her father, she is able to transform into a horrific, hulking form.  Shocked, she discovers that her change was a secret known by everyone close to her father – everyone but her.

But is it her looks or attitudes that make her horrid? This issue delves deep into Jenny’s past: the way she lived her life as the daughter of a national hero, and the way she chose to act when the worst happens to her father. Beyond trying to live up to a legacy, the issue shows that it’s attitude and intention that create character.

Jenny Zero is written by Dave Dwonch and Brockton McKinny and illustrated by Magenta King.  It furthers the journey of Jenny Tetsuo from adolescence to adulthood in a unique way. In many ways, it’s a journey that all of us take. This story is definitely worth reading.

Highly Recommended – 4 out of 4 stars

Creative Team: Dave Dwonch (writer), Brockton McKinny (writer) and Magenta King(artist).  
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Scott Larson, Fanbase Press Contributor



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