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‘Ascender #15:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m so glad that this issue has finally come out!

When we last left Andy and Iffy, they had banded together with a local village on Sampson to wipe out a horde of attacking vampires. (I have a strong suspicion they won.) Meanwhile, Mila, Telsa, and the crew had arrived on Phages to be met by a couple of surprises.  Quon was alive, but in half-human, half-machine form, as well as bandit, but the the big shocker was seeing Tim.

Issue 15 backtracks a bit into Tim’s journey with the machines on the Machine Moon.  They introduce Tim to The Great Machine which supposedly contains data since the beginning of time (or whenever the machines were created.)  What Tim sees horrifies him, but he soon realizes that something is missing: The data is not complete. He decides to set out to search for more. But where will it take him and what will he learn?

This issue primarily focuses on where Tim has been all these years and what he’s been doing.  The art is sparse, leaving room for what I’d interpret as the artist’s depiction of the digital world Tim and the machine’s exist in. I love the lettering for the machines. It reminds me of the Modernism style from the 1950s, especially using that aqua color in the balloon.  Duality is a constant theme which comes into focus at the end of the issue.  

It is a quick read, so I suggest a couple of passes to appreciate the breathing space. I suspect the final few issues will move at lightspeed.  As we head into the final arc of the series, I’ll be anxiously waiting to see how Mother, Andy, and Iffy come back into the storyline.  Will they ever see Mila again?

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Dustin Nguyen (artist), Steve Wands (letterer)

Publisher: Image Comics
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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