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‘Something Is Killing the Children #16:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I “squeeeed” when I saw that a new issue of Something Is Killing the Children was coming out. During lockdown last year, this was one of those things I was looking forward to every month, like a dog waiting for a milk bone. The lead of the story, Erica Slaughter, hit every single note that makes a character worth following: She was capable; she was emotionally affected by the violence around her; she was a bit unsteady mentally; against the worst of odds, she wanted to do the right thing; and even though we knew all of those admirable things, she also remained somewhat of a mystery.

Well, Tynion IV, Dell’edera, and BOOM! Studios must have known they had something special on their hands, because they’re diving in and tackling some of that mystery. With issue #16, a new story arc takes us back to the beginning of Erica’s journey, and the creative team captures everything from the reality of the trauma’s she faced, using a striking color palette to convey her horror. The pendulum swings the other way, capturing the warmth and heart of Erica and the first person of the House of Slaughter she meets: Jessica.

I have no qualms in saying this is one of my favorite series on the stand right now. Dell’edera’s artwork is so compelling, and Muerto’s color choices are rich and dramatically provocative. I feel fulfilled with every issue I read… until the next issue comes out. I’ve gotten everything I need…and yet I want more!

Creative Team: James Tynion IV (writer), Werther Dell’edera (artist), Miquel Muerto (colors), Andworld Design (letters), Michelle Ankley (designer), Eric Harburn (editor), Assistant Editor (Gwen Waller)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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