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‘Ultramega #3:’ Comic Book Review

If you can imagine a Kaiju story as told by David Cronenberg, you’ll get Ultramega. The very first issue taught me to expect the unexpected, and, even with that, the unexpected doesn’t seem to cover everything. While creator James Harrem certainly cares about the characters he’s writing, or at least cares about their depth and complexity, he isn’t reverent to his creations. This is a harsh, weird world with not a single character archetype to safely guide us through it. Every moment of heroic certainty is followed by one of, well, now what?!

Harrem has done something few can do: He’s created a world that lives by its own rules. Only one other comic of recent years has taken me to an unrecognizable world like this, and that is the manga I Am a Hero. He’s not even breaking the rules of what it means to be a hero, he’s breaking the rules of what it means to be a villain. Nothing is as it seems, and the revelations in this issue are brilliant in the simplest of ways.

Don’t get me wrong: If you want some badass Kaiju action, it’s here, it’s bloody, and it’s pretty exhilarating.

This is why #StoriesMatter to me, because you can still explore the same old things in new, fresh ways. You can still excite and surprise people with even the smallest of adjustments. James Harrem is an exciting creator, and to have Dave Stewart coloring your book only adds that much more amazingness to it. The lettering is simply juicy. The design work is rock-star-level cool. Y’all, buy this book.

Creative Team: James Harrem (creator, artist, writer), Dave Stewart (colors), Rus Wooton (letters), Sean Mackiewicz (editor), Andres Juarez (logo, design)
Publisher: Image Comics, Skybound
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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