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‘Apparitions of East Anglia:’ Advance Graphic Novel Review

Folklore, mythology, urban legends. These tales, whether whispered over a campfire or imparted to children cowering under their bedclothes, keep imaginations rolling through the generations. Despite the richness of the stories, people tend to focus only on ones in their regions or cultures, leaving behind a plethora of chilling legends that live only in certain areas of the world.

I’ve long since been obsessed with foreign lore and try to read everything I can to learn more about the stories of other worlds. Apparitions of East Anglia provides readers with so much more than just the tales. In this graphic novel, history unfolds with a well-written narrative and beautiful art to bring these tales to life.

Apparitions bills itself as “selected folklore tales, ghost stories, and weird history” from three regions of East Anglia: Norfolk, Suffolk, and The Fens. Even if you don’t know much about the area, the creators present a map to guide you through the stories, and I found myself referring to it often as I explored the book. Creator, writer, and artist Chris Spalton also unfolds his own obsessions with the tales in an introduction to his childhood in “The Fens” and the legends he grew up with, not to mention his own paranormal experiences and unexplained happenings around him.

Each tale is short and easy to read, complete with gorgeous artwork. There is something raw and primal about the art, which gives us the renderings of each monster, ghost, historical figure, homes, etc. Interspersed are also real pictures from the places discussed, which lends to the rich history of the area.

There is a lot to learn from Apparitions of East Anglia, and Spalton acts as the perfect guide. If you enjoy tales and legends, mythology and strange happenings, this is the perfect graphic novel for you.

Creative Team: Chris Spalton (creator, writer, artist)
Publisher: Fenbeast Publications
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Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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