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‘Eve #1:’ Comic Book Review

If nothing else, I know that I’m never going to go wrong with a release from BOOM! Studios, but I’m still consistently caught off guard by the quality of their showings. Their most recent is Eve, an obvious reference to the Biblical story. Taking place not terribly far in the future, we are introduced to a girl and her father who have a job to do – a mission one might say – that Eve is just about to learn about. When a twist occurs in the story, we realize that maybe Eve isn’t where we thought she was (or never has been) and the circumstances are far worse. An android that looks like an old, mangled teddy bear named Wexler becomes her introduction to this new reality, and the adventure truly begins.

There’s a lot going on here in this first issue: a strong daughter-father relationship that will most likely be the heart of the story, but also a wonderfully vibrant relationship between this young woman and an A.I. which is wonderful. Writer LaValle does a tremendous job developing both of these stories, plus the overwhelming odds of Eve’s current predicament: a global disaster. Eve, representing our future generation, is left having to not only survive in it, but fix it.

The different worlds Eve visits are brought vividly to life by artist Mi-Gyeong and colorist Peer. Forests are lush and alive with warmth, waters are a cold blue and lonely. Finally, we see where we are, and with Eve’s final words, we see the colors of hope.

This is an extremely well-told issue on all levels, with a tremendous and strong Black young woman at its center. I’m a huge fan of meaningful science fiction. What more do I need to say for you to give it a look see?

Creative Team: Victor LaValle (writer), Jo Mi-Gyeong (artist), Brittany Peer (colors) Andworld Design (letters), Scott Newman (designer) Ramiro Portnoy (assistant editor), Amanda Lafranco and Eric Harburn (editors)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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