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‘Wynd #6:’ Comic Book Review

Wynd is on the run. With him is his best friend who is basically a sister, a prince who is fleeing his father (the King), and the prince’s gardener turned bodyguard. The first issue found them outrunning the Bandaged Man, a person who could smell magic, and since Wynd is magical, he stayed hot on their trail.

Yes, Wynd is magical. He has sprouted wings and can fly which makes him even more hated by some. I’ll get back to that since – for a long time – he hated himself for this, as well.

Issue six picks up almost immediately after the events of the first story arc, only not exactly following our crew of runaways. It’s time to give them a new obstacle. If you thought the Bandaged Man was nasty, you should see the company he kept; they are now making a nasty deal with the prince’s father. Yes, things are about to get really difficult for Wynd and friends.

Wynd is gay, so it’s easy to see his struggle as an allegory; we’re, in fact, meant to. Tynion isn’t hiding that, but this could very well be about anyone who is seen as an outsider, as someone who is seen as dangerous or unwanted by a society because they are different. This series has heart and is in love with the characters it has created, but it’s also a riveting fantasy adventure in which we’ve seen the stakes steadily increase from one issue to the next, and that curve continues to climb.

Tynion is a smart writer, and Dialynas has proven a wonderful artist to be at his side as they start this new chapter in their adventure together. Now would be the time to read the first volume and enjoy along with me. This has proven to be a cathartic read, and it’s still got places to go and things to show us.

Creative Team: James Tynion IV (writer), Michael Dialynas (artist), Andworld Design (letters), Scott Newman (logo designer) Grace Park (designer), Eric Harburm (editor), Gwen Waller and Ramiro Portnoy (assistant editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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