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‘Jenny Zero #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

One of the most difficult things about growing up is living up to the examples of our heroes. Parents, mentors, and others can unwittingly create barriers for the generations that follow. This was the premise of the Flash comic book in the 1990s in which Wally West tried desperately to live up to Barry Allen’s ideals. This is also the premise of Dark Horse’s new series, Jenny Zero.

Jenny Tetsuo is a young, disgraced government agent who failed to live up to the heroic exploits of her father. As such, she has been labeled Jenny “Zero” (with Zero meaning “nothing” or “failure”). Instead of trying to redeem herself or her family’s honor, Jenny gives up and hides in a world of sex and alcohol. When she is called back to service, Jenny returns with the worst intentions and disastrous results.

Jenny Zero is written by Dave Dwonch and Brockton McKinney and illustrated by Magenta King.  It is a great experience at all levels. The art and story are fantastic; however, it’s the message that is the most important part of the narrative. We tend to forget how important it is to stand up on our own without the aid of others. This story is the beginning of a journey in which the main character will have to learn how to do just that. It is a journey well worth the reader’s time.

Highly Recommended – 4 out of 4 stars

Creative Team: Dave Dwonch (writer), Brockton McKinney (writer) and Magenta King (artist)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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