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‘BRZRKR #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

America has a fascination with violence, everything from our Mortal Kombat games to Saw films. Somehow, somewhere, that desire for violence became a necessity in our lives. It’s not very often when that violence is used to make a point or to tell an emotional story. Often, you have to look overseas or seek out World War II or Vietnam films that will use violence to remind you that “war is hell.” In America, we have learned to glorify the act of violence for the sake of violence. So, when a story comes along that treats you to a healthy dose of ultraviolence and then wings you emotionally in the end, that’s something special.

BRZRKR is something special. Created by Keanu Reeves (of the highly enjoyable John Wick spectacles, where world building is equally as important as the violence) and New York Times bestselling comic book scribe Matt Kindt (who has written some of my favorite comics of the last decade), there are big ideas bleeding from every page of this comic.

While the first issue was all present tense, introducing us to who the nameless soldier is, in this second issue we get a peek into his beginnings – very early beginnings. It’s an epic tale, mythic in its telling, one of excitement and heartbreaking tragedy. Ron Garney gives us some electric imagery, simply crackling off the pages. He doesn’t shy away from how terrible or uncomfortable the violence is, because it is. We’re truly experiencing the plight and inner turmoil of the Berzerker, and, thus far, it’s a pretty great journey.

Creative Team: Keanu Reeves (created by), Keanu Reeves and Matt Kindt (written by), Ron Garney (illustrated by), Bill Crabtree (colored by), Clem Robins (lettered by), Michelle Ankley (designer), Eric Harburn and Matt Gagnon (editors), Ramiro Portnoy (Assistant Editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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