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‘Ultramega #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you read my review of Ultramega #1, you’ll see my unabashed enthusiasm. I love a great kaiju story… Heck, I love a terrible kaiju story, but make no mistake Ultramega falls in the former category. It is stellar. The first issue introduced us to a world in which people turn into kaiju, and three humans were given the power to turn into protectors and fight them off. You saw how weary these heroes were, how depressed they were. The battles were insanely cool, and the ending was a shock!

Jump a little ways into the future, and issue 2 shows us a world in which things went wrong. The kaiju gene is still out there in people, and a Kaiju Klan has risen to terrorize the rest of the people. So, now we have a dystopian kaiju story. Our heroes are a group of teens, maybe younger, who want to prove they don’t have the recessive kaiju gene in them, so they can go into the city and live there with some sort of comfort. Noah is feisty and stubborn (probably too much for his own good), and while we don’t get any serious kaiju fights in this issue, we get some great world building and wonderful character introductions and development in a strange, wonderful world.

Harren’s vision is so damn cool and so very specific. There’s a genuine weirdness to this world that borrows some elements of the best of anime, but is entirely its own thing. I don’t think that the series would have properly come to life if Harren didn’t have his hands on all of the controls. Alhough, it’s hard to go wrong with Dave Stewart coloring your series; the man is a genius. What’s most important to me, with the wonderful work being put into it, is that this is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. That makes this series not only really well done, but extra-special in some pretty amazing ways.

Creative Team: James Harren (creator, artist, writer), Dave Stewart (colors), Rus Wooton (letters), Sean Mackiewicz (editor), Andres Juarez (logo, design)
Publisher: Image Comics, Skybound
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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