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‘Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap so far: We’re twenty years into the future with Zoë having all sorts of old troubles mixed in with some new ones. While the faces around her are mostly different, the jobs and the scrimmages seem familiar, but things are always different when you’re running with your young-adult daughter who’s got every bit of your stubbornness and her father’s dreaminess.

Things start up immediately where they left off in the last issue, with the discovery of some rather unexpected cargo. There are some aspects to this tale that seem to call back the original series, but I can also see things going in all new directions. Josh Lee Gordon takes us into uncharted waters with the kind of confidence that I like to see in a writer dealing with an established franchise. It’s respectful of the past, but not afraid to assert itself as being the future. To me, this is a critical reason for why #StoriesMatter; they should keep moving the narrative forward instead of stagnating. It’s absolutely possible to take the best elements of the past to include in the future, as long as they still always speak truth of the present.

Fabiana Mascolo deals the goods here; the art has so much range to it, depicting tension, action, humor, and intimacy. Lucia DiGiamarino’s colorwork keeps that freshness running through; it has so much versatility going for it. One moment, we have the sterility of the medical bay, and then we have that warmth of the mess hall… it just feels so organic and lived in. Jim Campbell keeps doing amazing work with the lettering, so much so that at times I forget to note just how remarkable it is, because it just makes reading the book so easy. It’s usually the second reread that I start to catch the nuances of his work, and it’s well worth re-reading the book to appreciate that genius!

Overall, some familiar faces pop up and new mysteries are on the horizon. This new series has some awesome potential to move the ‘Verse in new directions.  

Creative Team: Josh Lee Gordon (writer), Fabiana Mascolo (art), Lucia DiGiamarino (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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