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‘Home Sick Pilots #5:’ Comic Book Review

I wasn’t sure if I would have anything new to say after reading another issue of Home Sick Pilots, but let me tell you, folks, each issue includes so much story that there’s always far too much to say. Just when I thought this series would be finding its way to a conclusion… it makes a hard left turn. The absolutely unexpected occurs.

Ami, member of the high school punk trio called Home Sick Pilots, found her way into a haunted mansion that has been gaslighting her into hunting down a bunch of ghosts. Several people have died, and her other two bandmates have been inching their way back to the center of the story—for better and worse. In the last issue, Ami realized that she was being gaslit, and now things are going sideways on an epic scale. This is like a magical girl story on mushrooms.

I absolutely have felt like an outsider before, and that’s – in a big way – the heart of this story. Ami is easily drawn in by the plight of the house and manipulated because of this.

Wijngaard’s artistic stylings are perfect for this eccentric confluence of influences. He makes everything cinematically weird, but finds the emotional depth in those nightmare-like images. I love his work.

Even though we’ve left the band behind, this is the most punk rock story I’ve read in a while. Screw your expectations, we’re going to embrace our weirdness, and I love them all the more for doing it!

Creative Team: Dan Watters (writer), Casper Wijngaard (artist), Aditya Bidikar(letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Erika Schnatz (production artist), Tara Ferguson (White Noise marketing)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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