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‘Big Girls #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Futuristic science fiction tales in comic books are as old as the medium itself, especially those that show a post-apocalyptic world. Less explored in the current age is a population affected by radiation. (These types of stories were far more abundant in the 1960s.) Stories about how different genders are mutated by this radiation are even more unique. This is the premise of Image Comics’ Big Girls.

The series tells the story of a population of children transformed by radiation. Both males and females grow into giants as children; however, the boys mutate into monsters as they age while the girls are recruited as warriors to hunt them down. Caught in the middle are parents of the children who remain emotionally attached to their offspring and the general population who fear for their lives as battles rage.

Big Girls, written and drawn by Jason Howard, is excellent.  The story is funny, shocking, horrifying, and emotional – all at once. There are heroes, villains, shadow government experiments, and all-out action. The series is reminiscent of the “legend” Dark Horse books by Miller, Byrne, and Mignola from the early 1990s. The writing is phenomenal, and the art is cartoony brilliance. Big Girls is so much fun and absolutely worth the reader’s time.

Highly recommended!

Creative Team: Jason Howard (writer/artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Scott Larson, Fanbase Press Contributor



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