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‘Stray Dogs #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’ve lost a pet before. It was a grueling ten days. I often sat back and imagined what was happening from my cat’s perspective, and it always broke my heart. It had a happy ending. For the owners of the dogs in Stray Dogs, the beginnings aren’t so happy, and we’re getting that story from the perspective of the dogs.

Looking into this world, it might look wonderful. You might see a countryside home full of a myriad of dogs and think, “What a great person, taking in all those doggos.” From the points of view of the dogs that live in a home in the country, their master is a good guy. He takes care of them. To be honest, it doesn’t take a lot to please a dog! But when the easily rattled, newly arrived Sophie gets a sniff of a red scarf, she remembers that her previous lady owner was a victim of their master. In the first issue, only one of her new dog friends took her seriously: Rusty the Golden Retriever. Now, Sophie and Rusty set of to do a little detective work so that Sophie can prove her case… Things don’t go well.

This is a cleverly written series and seems all the more terrifying because the dogs look like they’re right out of a Don Bluth film. Fleeecs and Forstner smartly never show us their owner’s face, leaving it to the imagination… Heck, he could be the guy you just passed at the supermarket! I get the same unsettled feeling that I did watching Christopher Lloyd’s animated eyes pop out in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? though this is far more subtle.

At Fanbase Press, one of the driving goals is to discuss why #StoriesMatter and there’s something about this series that – while different in tone from Silence of the Lambs – is likewise an exploration of what evil can look like. It’s not always exactly how you imagined it, and when juxtaposed against adorable freaking dogs, it clarifies the evil even more.

Creative Team: Tony Fleecs (writer), Trish Forstner (artist), Brad Simpson (colorist), Tone Rodriguez (layouts)
Publisher: Image comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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