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‘Proctor Valley Road #1:’ Comic Book Review

Aside from The X-Men, I’ve never seen Grant Morrison tackle a series that felt more directed at a teenage audience, but he – along with co-writer Alex Child and artist Naomi Franquiz – have given Proctor Valley Road that look and feel. Even the shenanigans of the teenage girls presented here feel very geared towards a younger, but learned, audience.

It is June 1970. Janis Joplin and Vietnam are in the air. Four female friends are a handful of dollars short for the upcoming Joplin concert. They’ll basically do anything they can to get that money, like stealing sunglasses to resell. They’ll also take a bunch of guys who want to get laid for the first time to a supposedly haunted stretch of road six miles out of town to give them a haunted tour for $5 each. Do things go well? You’ll have to read to find out.

Morrison seamlessly, and with a light hand, tackles several of the social issues of the time. I already mentioned Vietnam, but also the prevalent institution of racism. Morrison is about as smart and talented a writer as they come, and with Alex Child, the two really take their time building out this world and giving us some well-fleshed-out characters.

Franquiz’s art is really stellar. The character designs give us a great idea of who we’re watching from the get-go. Not to mention that this is a multi-ethnic cast.

Eric Harburn is editor on this book, and I trust Harburn to help this extremely talented group take this series to places I will gladly follow.

BOOM! Studios has simply been killing it these last few years. Everything I read of theirs is so well crafted – the stories so involving and socially relevant, so very human – that at this point, they can consider me a forever fan.

Creative Team: Grant Morrison and Alex Chilr (writers), Naomi Franquiz (art), Tamra Bonvillain (colors) Jim Campbell (letters), Michelle Ankley (design), Eric Harburn (editor), Ramiro Portnoy (assistant editor), Bryan Vhow 9consulting editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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