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‘Puno: Altiplano Volume 2’ – Graphic Novel Review

Set in Peru some time in the near future, Puno picks up where Manu ends with Canela (a.k.a. Lila) making a deal with a local thug in order to leave the country. The last of her gang that may have had something to do with the destruction of Lima, known as Lima Roja, she may be the key to finding an old friend (Limón) who is now known as Marco Poma. In this world where bio-technology is the norm, there are hints that Marco may have become more than the sum of his parts. His mere existence threatens the military and the government who will stop at nothing to track him down – even the violent and horrific assault on a village of indigenous people. But to do what she needs to do, Canela has some tough choices to make.

I really love the world Mr. Vargas has created here. Between cyborg animals and robots that are based on them, there is a synergy between the natural world and the one created by humans. The colors are big and bold and reflect the culture of the Peruvian people. It’s refreshing to see a cyberpunk story that does not rely on Western mythos. The pacing in this volume is stronger than the first, but what is really impressive are the two-page spreads which are murals depicting the backstory. Be sure to spend some time with them.

Be aware that Mr. Vargas does not hold back on the violence here, nor should he. It’s clearly necessary to tell the story he wants to tell.  But what it does do is make us reflect on how we treat others and how far you’re willing to go to get what you want.

Rated “M” for mature due to violence and sexual acts.

Creative Team: Gustaffo Vargas (writer/artist)
Publisher: Taco Tinta Press
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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