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‘Home Sick Pilots #3:’ Comic Book Review

Have you ever been in a toxic relationship… with a house? That may not be the main takeaway from the series, Home Sick Pilots, but it’s what our hero Ami is having to contend with. This terribly haunted house is gaslighting her to get what it needs (for what seems like nefarious reasons), and in issue three, her band members become even more embroiled in the proceedings than they thought they could have been.

Ami has been given exceptional abilities and tasked to track down items that hold ghosts to the house. She has been bringing them home one by one. Nothing ever being as easy as it seems, a new and unknown player enters the fray. The house’s reaction to this is wonderful and leaves us on quite the incredible cliffhanger.

Home Sick Pilots is an exceptionally well told comic and is equally as entertaining. Don Watters knows how to cut the fat of storytelling and jumps straight to building momentum. If you want an exceptional example of how to plot out a story that consistently engages its reader from panel to panel and page to page, this is the series to follow.

The creators have also done their homework on the world of punk and punk music, and it’s such a joy to see all of the fractured counter cultures vying for the most (or least) important place in the food chain, if they believe in the food chain at all.  The characters are also really well written and developed. Their choices within the greater story make sense.

This series is a joy on just about every level.

Creative Team: Dan Watters (writer), Casper Wijngaard (artist), Aditya Bidikar(letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Erika Schnatz (production artist), Tara Ferguson (White Noise marketing)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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