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‘Crossover #3:’ Comic Book Review

My first two reviews of Crossover were about the importance of this series, especially in this day and age. It is about how we treat people that are different than us, and it’s a spin on the social and allegorical leanings of the X-Men.

This series takes place in a more grounded world, with the superheroes and villains being actual interlopers from another dimension. We… we are the terrified human beings that hate them. Well, a few of us don’t. Elli is one of the “good guys.” Elli is short for Ellipses. She is always dressed in cosplay, which is dangerous to do in a world that hates superheroes. She has decided to help a young girl who is from one of these alternate dimensions by aiding in her return to a magical dome that was put in place over Denver to keep super people in and normal people out.

Now, let me talk about how absolutely delightful this series, and especially this issue, is. If you guessed that the superheroes we know and love would provide some recognizable faces in Crossover, you are not wrong. Writer Donny Cates has somehow harangued a bunch of known superheroes to show up in his series, and they start making their appearances in issue three. It is delightful.

If you love comic books, if you love heroes, if you love stories that touch upon the world around us and offer hope to their readers – all with some of the biggest names in the comics industry working on it, then this should be one series that you add to your pull list.

Creative Team: Donny Cates (story), Geoff Shaw (art), Dee Cunniffe (colors), John J. Hill (letters and design), Mark Waid (story edits)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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