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‘Home Sick Pilots #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The first issue of Home Sick Pilots gave us an interesting setup for a haunted house story. A punk band consisting of three high schoolers ends up in a house, looking for a badass place to have a concert that will completely destroy the popularity of a rival punk band. The rumors of it being a haunted house turn out to be true, and as both bands face off, it comes to life and terrible things happen. But, wait! There’s more.

Ami is our lead, a once-depressed young woman who found her friend-family with Buzz and Rip, the other two members of the band. Buzz and Rip believe they have left her alone inside, but really, the house has given her powers to bring back ghosts that have escaped. The first is what typically constitutes a good luck charm: a horseshoe. What it does, who has it, how it affects them, and the outcome of all of this is in this issue, so go and buy it.

The plotting between issue one and two is exceptional, not only furthering the story, but naturally building the premise outward without the use of exorbitant amounts of exposition. A lot of writers would have probably crammed the “goal” of the story in the first issue, but writer Dan Watters is patient and confident. He knows that he has interesting characters and a fun premise. He also knows he has Casper Wijngaard as an artist.

Wijngaard is really good. If an artist can draw something that gives me genuine chills or makes me purse my lips in a “I don’t like that” frown, they’re a really good artist. There are two moments nearing the end of this issue when that happens, where he captures something unnatural in a genuinely upsetting, somewhat Cenobites kind of way.

If this isn’t enough to get you to try the comic, then I’m not doing my job well enough.

Creative Team: Dan Watters (writer), Casper Wijngaard (artist), Aditya Bidikar(letterer), Tom Muller (designer), Erika Schnatz (production artist), Tara Ferguson (White Noise marketing)
Publisher: Image Comics
Click here to purchase.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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