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‘Bird with Stick #1:’ Comic Book Review

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I not only run Kickstarters for my own comic, but back many, as well. So, I was delighted when I ran across an all-ages comic called Bird with Stick, a fantastical story featuring birds, magic, and the fear of the unknown.

One morning in the land of The Greenish, the most celebrated songbirds woke up and could no longer sing. They could talk and whisper, but that was it.  Then, their Grand Oracle delivered a prophesy claiming that “the song is the prelude to death.”  The bird community was terrified. Some demanded more answers while others viewed the songbirds with suspicion and derision; however, one songbird named Galen decided that magic was to blame and set out to find the source and restore the songbirds’ ability to sing.

John Schlim Jr. and artist Enrico Orlandi have put together a story that is a metaphor for the times we live in. Fear of the other, misinformation, and suppression of artists for fear of what they might communicate are presented in a way that is easy to understand.  The art is clear and simple with enough detail to evoke the magical world in which these birds live. There are also enough action sequences to keep the story moving along at a nice pace and the adventure fun and lively.

Elementary school teachers take note: This is something you should have in your classrooms. Everyone else, be sure to back issue two whenever it lands on Kickstarter. I know I will.

Creative Team: John Schlim Jr. (writer), Enrico Orlandi (artist), LetterSquids (letterer)
Publisher: Ovation Comics
Click here to purchase.


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