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‘Klaus: The Life & Times of Santa Claus’ – Hardcover Review

Merry Christmas! It’s that magical time again, full of candy canes, presents, and…crying snowmen? Great Morrison and Dan Mora’s Klaus: The Life & Times of Santa Claus published by BOOM! Studios returns for a third outing. This hardcover book includes two stories: “Klaus and the Crying Snowman” and “Klaus and the Life and Times of Joe Christmas,” both vastly different from each other.

In the first tale, superhero Kris Kringle enlists the aid of a man who has been transformed into snow in order to prevent doomsday. Full of myths, legends, and art references like Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” the story is brimming wth adventure and emotion, as only Grant Morrison can write. The second tale is a series of splash pages that tell a story in reverse.

Grant Morrison is a writer who is able to combine different disparate elements and still be able to entertain. He always leaves the reader pondering what the heck it was that they just read.  Add in how brilliant, simple, and logical the narrative is, and the audience wonders why they didn’t think of it first.

The artwork is excellent. Dan Mora’s draftsmanship is clear and exciting. He is truly able to illustrate a great story.

Klaus: The Life & Times of Santa Claus is full of adventure and excitement, and excellent artwork runs through the entire book. It’s perfect for the holidays and, quite frankly, any time of the year.

4 out of 4 stars

Creative Team: Grant Morrison and Dan MOra
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Scott Larson, Fanbase Press Contributor



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