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‘Nailbiter Returns #7:’ Advance Comic Book Review

This newest issue of Nailbiter Returns is an enjoyable half step forward for the story. There are a couple of plot points sprinkled in and a couple minor cliffhangers, but the bulk of what’s happening in this issue could have taken place in a few pages, and ultimately that’s more than enough to keep me reading. There’s one plot point in this issue that I’m just going to have to accept as part of this reality; maybe it will be explained, maybe it won’t.

But here’s what I love about all of this, because I know we’re going to get back to dealing with major plot point and emotional story arcs in the next issue: What I love is that creators Williamson and Henderson are full on embracing their inner weirdness. There’s some imagery in this issue that I’m just like, “Whaaaaaat are you two doing?” It’s so weird that it gets a genuine laugh out of me.

We’re meant to believe that a big chunk of this issue isn’t happening, but that also makes me wonder, “What parts did happen?” That will be a bigger clue as to what’s about to happen.

The general story is that all of the heroes and anti-heroes of the first series have been drawn into a game, much like the game I used to play in high school called Assassin. Only if we were playing Assassin like this young enthusiast group of unknown players is playing their game of Serial Killer, there would be a lot more bodies. That’s right, all of the famous serial killers from Buckaroo are back, but who’s behind this point-driven massacre? Some flashbacks to when the game was first started by our Nailbiter/police officer ex-husband and wife pairing may give us an answer. I’ll be staying tuned!

Creative Team: Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson (story and art), Adam Guzowski (colors), John J. Hill (letters and design), Rebecca Taylor (editor)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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