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‘Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here #1’ – Comic Book Review

If you are ready for a nostalgic walk down ’80s comics lane, settle in, because I have it right here for you in Dark Horse’s new series, Resident Alien: Your Ride’s Here. This comic has a very old school vibe with a small-town crime mixed with sci-fi (This is the alien part of it.) and ’80s-style art and hair. Also, if you have been a fan of the previous Resident Alien mini-series (I have not read them, but now I want to!), this is the beginning of the fourth spinoff.


As most first issues go, it is really a teaser to whet your palette, and Your Ride’s Here is no exception. As is clear from the cover, one of our main characters is an alien, yet no one in this small town clinic somewhere on the East Coast seems to notice or treat him differently. He seems to be well liked, and very well liked by one young woman in town, Astra (who sports an ’80s-style cropped pixie ‘do).

There is an odd bit (Some may consider these next few sentences a spoiler, so skip to the next paragraph if you would like.) that was very jarring in the storytelling. Out of nowhere, Astra is in a bed in a dream-walk. Apparently, she is Native American and her dad speaks to her almost exclusively through these dream journeys while they wear Native American attire, but Astra’s includes a crop top. As someone who is not Native American, I can’t really speak on if this section is insensitive…but it felt odd and forced to me. I can only hope that individuals from the culture and heritage were consulted regarding the inclusion of these clothing and storytelling choices.

If you dig a throwback-style comic both in storytelling and art, check out this new series from Dark Horse. Overall, I give this issue a six out of ten, but mostly because I want to know more about the alien. Purchase it now at your local comic book shop!

Creative Team:  Peter Hogan (Writer), Steve Parkhouse (Artist)
Publisher:  Dark Horse
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H.E. Rogers, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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