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‘Dragons by the Yard #1-4:’ Comic Book Review

Working at a flea market in South Pasadena, Anna is an artist who specializes in making adorable stuffed dragons. Robert, who clearly has a thing for her, has the booth next door where he sells cool-looking armor and swords. When Anna decides to take a break, she discovers another vendor who sells some of the most beautiful material she has ever seen. Thinking the material is too expensive, the vendor agrees to give her the luminescent fabric as long as Anna promises to not only make dragons out of them, but to insert a piece of brimstone within each one. With the help of her friend, Mae, Anna makes good on her promise but wakes up the next morning to a brood of living, fire-breathing baby dragons! Little does she know that the vendor, Kalsaru, who sold her the fabric is more than she lets on . . . as is her neighbor, Robert.  Will they come to her aid or try to take the dragons she has grown to love away from her? As with all magic, there is a price to be paid.

This charming light fantasy from Kymera Press is just what you need to read right now in these stressful times. It has enough cuteness and sincerity to make anyone smile.  There is some inconsistent artwork which confused me a bit. (The bracelet Kalsaru wears is broken in one scene, but then she has it on for the rest of the issue, but that’s a small quibble.) I enjoyed Anna’s character of a young woman who sees nothing bad in the world and seeks to bring joy to those around her. Mae and Robert are delightful foils and the kind of friends we all wished we had. The coloring and the art were spot on for this type of story and characters. Life is bright and filled with color in this world.

I hope at some point Kymera Press puts this together in a trade and continues on with the series. It is suitable for all ages.

Creative Team: Kelly Swails (writer); Paola Amorino (Penciller); Laurie Foster (Inker); Sandra Molina (Colorist);  Saida Temofonte (Letterer)
Publisher: Kymera Press
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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