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‘We Only Find Them When They’re Dead #2:’ Comic Book Review

Welcome back to the colorful science fiction series about a crew who harvests pieces from the bodies of dead space gods. These stunning, glowy gods are – you guessed it – only found when they are dead. No human in living memory has ever seen one alive. In issue two, we move from a story teaser with very little info into the beginning of what this story is. We get a solid dose of character development (and which of them know each other if you know what I mean), as well as some almost poetic moments.


This installment really spoke to me. As we know from the end of issue one, Georges – the captain of the worn harvesting ship – wants to find a god, a live one. This dives us into the thoughts and opinions of some of the crew on this matter. I don’t want to give too much away, but I do want to comment on what parts made me stop and think. Jason, who seems to be one of the younger crew members, says, “I need something that’s more than just a living.” This is something that I think speaks to many of us in this day and age, especially us creative types, or those who don’t have any type of financial support outside yourself. You get in what I like to call “survival mode.” You take jobs that aren’t your passion to survive, to afford to live. You have to; you don’t have anyone to fall back on or help pay your bills, so bills become not just priority but the main goal. You need to survive before you even have the opportunity to thrive. Eventually, you always want more.

Jason says something else that hit me. I think it’s clear by now that I feel a kinship with him. He says, “This is my choice… something that’s mine.” I get the feeling from a lot of the character building that happened in this issue that Jason is a people pleaser. Many of his past choices seem to have been to help and protect others instead of what he wanted. For us people pleasers out there, we feel this deeply. But at some point in life, you hit a point where you need to make your life decisions for you, to make you happy, and that is where he is.

The characters and dialogue, while futuristic, are real. They have the same issues and choices that we have today as humans which is what makes this sci-fi comic about the hunt for space gods through a vibrant galaxy accessible and relatable.

Creative Team: Al Ewing (writer) Simone Di Meo (Artist) with color assist by Mariasara Miotti
Publisher: BOOM! Studios


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