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‘Geek-Girl #6:’ Comic Book Review

Ruby’s new venture as part of Johnny Carlyle’s superhero team gets temporarily put on hold while her new boss lets himself be a dad and husband before anything else.  She and Kerry (a.k.a. The Minger) get the opportunity to bond as similarly aged young women by hitting up a costume night club with the ever-enthusiastic and supportive Summer.  Some of Carlyle’s new team members are dropping out after the plane attack, though, and not all of Johnny’s team feel the unending loyalty for the complicated businessman…

Geek-Girl #6 sets up a lot of plot points that promise hefty payout in the future: disgruntled Carlyle employees, defecting supes, a mysterious woman trailing Kerry and Ruby, a strange apparition, and an upcoming crossover with Cabra Cini.…

The short prologue between Guano Guy and his companion, Mr. Marvelous Man, discussing the plane attack provided a giggle, because racial sensitivity is extremely hard in a world where superheroes really exist. (How do you describe an individual with skin tinted primary color red without sounding tactless?)  The rest of the pages heightened my anticipation, but Ruby and her companions definitely were the least dynamic plot line (fun trip to a supe friendly nightclub, but with so much happening with other characters it felt simply normal).   

The main cover for Geek-Girl #6 is a little cheesecakey, but Ruby’s sassy, but not entirely serious, expression works.  I felt her agency and choice in her outfit by her confident gaze, and she knows that she looks sexy. I really enjoyed the card game scenes, because both the characters and backgrounds had plenty of detail.  There were also some engaging fight scenes that added some visual action to the pages.

Geek-Girl Volume #6 adds some new plot points and starts to raise readers’ anticipation about upcoming action.  I don’t entirely know how everything will tie together, but I can just sit back and let the creators take me along for the ride.  I’m especially stoked to see how Digger’s conflict between loyalty to his boss and to his mates will play out.  I’ll have to pick up issue #7 to see!

4 Uses of French Fries to Settle a Dispute Out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Carlos Granda (Artist), Chunlin Zhao (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)
Publisher: Markosia Press
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