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‘Firefly: Blue Sun Rising #0’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Where in the ‘Verse are we? Well, Mal is still playing Sheriff, righting wrongs and ironically bringing justice to the deserted rock. Zoe and some of the crew are trying to find a new homeland for the Browncoats, an effort that is being bankrolled by the Chang-Benitez Gang. Meanwhile, Blue Sun has been investing heavily in surveillance tech and building their own militia to safeguard their interests. Welcome to Blue Sun Rising.

At 40 pages, this is a heftier-than-usual issue detailing the weaponization of techby Blue Sun. This has been a slowly simmering matter for a while now, with Blue Sun flooding the market with their gizmos, collecting data from the unsuspecting masses. If this sounds kinda creepy and wrong, it probably really should. Truth be told, we’re barely a home device away from the corporatist society described here. Our lives are filled with an ever-increasing number of “free” apps and services in which our data and lives are the commodity, so really we’re just paying in a different currency that seemingly has no monetary value, except to the people who can then turn that data into something that makes them money. Greg Pak’s writing on this series really shines a light on issues like this, expanding a story about space pirates into an allegorical tale about the disenfranchised and those who use their systemic and institutional power to keep the status quo going. #StoriesMatter when they are able to show us our humanity and why that matters. In that regard, Pak’s an excellent storyteller, connecting universal themes with topical elements deftly.

Dan McDaid returns to illustrate this issue, and his rough-hewn style really lends itself well to the Firefly aesthetic. It really just invokes the attitude of the show, and you can almost taste the dust. Marcelo Costa’s colorwork nails the whole space Western genre vibe. His lighting work is second to none, really. Jim Campbell keeps the soundscape of the series interesting and layered. Whether it’s explosions or quick asides, Campbell’s letters give such texture to an amazing book.

Overall, the Blue Sun Rising event looks to be a real nail-biter with some really high stakes.             

Creative Team: Greg Pak (writer), Dan McDaid (art), Vincenzo Federici (inker), Marcelo Costa (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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