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‘Nailbiter Returns #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The original Nailbiter series took itself quite seriously. It was textured, painting a dark world of weird and violent characters. There were definitely satirical elements pointed toward the serial killer genre, but it really took its time to indulge in a new, subversive mythology. The end of the run may have felt like the end of a Hollywood blockbuster, but the journey felt complete.

Nailbiter Returns is a slightly different beast, but no less fun. It is still serial killer-style horror; there is still a mystery involved and all of the characters from the original series are back, including the grownup daughter of the Nailbiter himself. The big difference is that this new series sort of leaves behind all precedence of being rooted in our reality. This is 100% Nailbiter reality, and it’s pretty bonkers.

For those in the know, Buckaroo was the birthplace of the Buckaroo Butchers. Somehow, Buckaroo churned out serial killers like Ben and Jerry pop out ice cream flavors. For that, Buckaroo was infamous, and the most infamous among them was the Nailbiter. The first series resolved the question, “Why Buckaroo?” Now, the question is, “Why are all of the dead Buckaroo Butchers somehow back and coming after our characters again?”

The tone of this story is completely ridiculous but good, bloody fun. It still carries around a level of satire, but it’s no longer cutting; it’s more like Grand Guignol. You can definitely see this in a wonderful sequence drawn by Mike Henderson in which one of the revived Butchers imagines what it would be like to meet the Nailbiter for the first time. And every single cover is absolutely amazing.

Especially with Halloween coming up, this would be a good series to dive into.

Creative Team: Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson (story and art), Adam Guzowski (colors), John J. Hill (letters and design), Rebecca Taylor (editor)
Publisher: Image Comics
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