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‘Once & Future #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap: After killing Beowulf, who should come knocking at Bridgette’s retirement community but the infamous Grendel. While Bridgette is a tough, old broad, is she a match for the monster?    

Over in Otherworld, Merlin is busy playing Frankenstein and Sun Tzu all at once. Back in the real world, Grendel is still stalking Bridgette while Duncan is on his way to offer help; however, what if Grendel is only the tip of the monster iceberg?

Kieron Gillen keeps things interesting and brisk in this issue, but there’s a particular moment between Duncan and Bridgette that is particularly noteworthy in its balance between the harsh reality and tenderness. #StoriesMatter because moments that juxtapose seemingly contradictory claims can perhaps reveal a more complex, and yet conciliatory, truth. It’s perhaps a reconciliation of sorts that’s been a long time coming for the McGuires, and they’ll need to be a united front when they face down the wrath of a grieving woman.

It’s as though Dan Mora revels in making gore look like a Jackson Pollock piece, and I’m not actually upset by that at all. Tamra Bonvillain’s colors really finish off an already accomplished-looking book, elevating the violence to almost camp-like levels. Comic art matters, y’all! There are so many fresh perspectives and styles to discover. As usual, I’m really blown away by Ed Dukeshire’s brilliant lettering. I’ll admit that I tend to speed read at least the first time around, but with Dukeshire on letters, it’s never difficult to catch everything, even on the first speed pass.

Overall, it would appear that we’re drawing close to the end of the Old English arc. Merlin’s almost ready to make his move, so we’ll see what comes next!

Creative Team: Kieron Gillen (writer), Dan Mora (artist), Tamra Bonvillain (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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