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‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #3’ – Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap: While something is seemingly off about Abhainn, Willow seems to have found a deep connection and sense of belonging in the community. But, at what cost?

Willow finds a mentor in Aelara but can’t quite seem to shake the feeling that there’s a dark undercurrent that’s pulling her deeper in. Can Willow get to the bottom of it all before she’s consumed by the charms of Abhainn?

Mariko Tamaki does a great job balancing Willow’s inner journey with her apprehension about Abhainn. So much of Willow’s personal growth is tied to her magical journey, but Tamaki also reminds us that before she was a badass witch, Willow was also a nerd and one with considerable detective skills. #StoriesMatter because they remind us that people grow and characters, like people, aren’t stagnant and continue to evolve. Willow’s growth and development seemed to mostly happen off-page in this reboot, so it’s good to see Tamaki taking her on a journey of self-discovery. Oh, and Tamaki’s asides are very Willow in the dorkiest fashion.

What I really like about Natacha Bustos’ artwork is how she is totally able to illustrate both the beauty and darkness of magic. There are these stunning pages of Willow tapping into pure creation, and then there are some really unsettling pages that look straight out of an Edgar Allen Poe tale. Both atmospheres are further amplified by Eleonora Bruni’s deft colorwork. I appreciate the cotton candy colored clouds and the pastel-ish shades that underscore the paradise vibes of Abhainn, but I also totally dig the cooler tones that completely transform the mood of the book. Jodi Wynne continues to be the “voice” of Willow; her lettering really brings Willow’s tone and cadence to life.

Overall, Willow #3 is a natural, middle-of-the-arc issue, and our heroine is gearing up to show the people of Abhainn that Willow Rosenberg is in town.  

Creative Team: Mariko Tamaki(writer), Natacha Bustos (artist), Eleonora Bruni (colorist), Jodi Wynne (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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