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‘Bang! #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Matt Kindt is a storyteller among storytellers. Like Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman, he is able to take the familiar – the stories we know and love and repeat in our heads endlessly – and finds a way to reshape and reform them, giving us something new, fresh, and, sometimes, stories that feel dangerous. After all, what else in these fan-obsessive days feels more dangerous than toying with the stories we love.

Of course, Kindt is simply an expert storyteller, as his Dept. H and Mind MGMT are modern classics in my eyes, using the tools of genre to create emotionally charged stories of memories, loss, and freedom from the things that sometimes root us in place.

With Bang! thus far, he’s having a hell of a time with the former. In the first two issues, he presented us with otherworldly versions of James Bond and John McClane as brought together with the esoteric tools of a Philip K. Dick-like author. In this third issue, we’re presented with the first female character of the series, Dr. Queen, and the meshing of pop culture icons becomes mesh-ier. I can’t point to any one predominant icon but to several inspirations like Emma Peel from the British TV show, The Avengers, or Michael Knight from Knight Rider, Oracle from the Batman universe, or a solo Charlie’s Angel that has inspired Dr. Queen. The kaleidoscope of influences gives us something both familiar and original, but also hella fun.

I’ll leave the finding out of the details of who Dr. Queen is and how she fits into the story for you, oh, reader. I will say that this follows the basic trajectory of the first two issues, introducing us to this new, wonderful character with flair and style thanks to Torres’ exquisite artwork and Kim’s vibrant colors.

If you love stories of any ilk, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be reading Bang!

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (story), Wilfredo Torres (art), Nayoung Kim (colors), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters), Anita Magaña (design), Ann Gray (digital technical art), Daniel Chabon (editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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