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‘Getting It Together #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Life is a complicated thing. There are all sorts of obstacles that can get in the way, especially in tight-knit social circles. Growing up, the people around you are your family, whether they are related or not. And when you’re also close with your family, it makes things even more of a potential issue. This is the conceit of Getting It Together, the newest series from Omar Spahi and Sina Grace. It follows the story of Jack, a young man with his own life struggles, also dealing with an ever-growing situation between those he really cares about. Anyone who has grown up with a close social group can recognize the situation: After a conversation about their relationship and the actions following that conversation get complicated, Sam and his girlfriend Lauren have a bit of a falling out. Given that Jack is not only Sam’s best friend, but Lauren’s brother, everything gets a bit out of hand as Jack tries to play the middle and help both of them, as well as live his own life.

Helming this book are co-creators Sina Grace and Omar Spahi, joined by the very talented Jenny D. Fine who provides some brilliant artwork. Fine’s style is really unique, with bold outlines of the characters and some very clever angles. It’s not a style that’s seen often, but it works really well throughout the issue.

Grace and Spahi are both gifted writers, and the two working together is clearly paying dividends. There is very clearly a story here, and one that feels very personal to the creators. Transitions between scenes felt a little disjointed at times, but the brightest spot of this opening issue are the characters. They’re all so well-developed and comfortable with one another in such an obvious way that it really paves the way for great dialogue which really helps with immersing the reader into the series.

With personal stories like this one, it’s not hard to identify with the characters. Personally, this type of situation really hits home, which it likely does for anyone growing up in small towns or a close-knit group of family and friends. When these types of situations occur, everything feels like the worst and that nothing will be okay. That is, until the people you love step in to help. It’s something we can all recognize, and something that makes stories like this especially powerful. It will be really exciting to see where this series goes from here.

Creative Team: Sina Grace, Omar Spahi (writers), Jenny D. Fine (artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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