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‘Sex Criminals #30:’ Comic Book Review

Well, this is it. One final issue of the smash success that is Sex Criminals… Other than the issue after this and the special issue that comes in between. But other than that, this is the last one. While the series has, and will continue to be, a ridiculously fun adventure about people who have sex and stop time, the series has managed to become one of the most emotionally resonant books in recent years, thanks to the heart and bravery that the series’ creators have poured into it. This series is somehow both sophomoric and sophisticated, and it shows in this last issue as we see Suzy finally come to terms with everything that has happened to her over the last 29 issues, as well as wrap up everything that has been put in her and Jon’s path.

This issue will be hard to write about without thinking about the series as a whole (The last issue is more of a coda than anything that will drive the story forward.), since it really encapsulates everything that the series has explored and brought to the surface. Arcs are completed, emotions are handled, and life has come to a point where it feels like there’s been a catharsis for our dynamic duo, Suzy and Jon.

There might not be a better time to really describe this as a completed series, despite it not being quite complete yet. Over these 30 issues, however, two very silly artists have made a loving series about romance, insecurity, and relationships of all sorts and with all sorts. It’s kind of amazing to think about all of the ridiculous jokes, visual gags, puns, and innuendo that flood this series like a bursting dam of immaturity, allowing readers to walk away knowing they’ve just read something so resonant with our daily struggles and successes.

I think that might be the thing I enjoy most about this series and about creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. For all of their terrible humor and off-color jokes (of which there are many), this series really feels like it explores the human condition when it comes to sexuality, emotional connection, and all of the hang-ups that come with them. This particular addition to the series does that masterfully, bringing so much powerful emotion to a series already fully of it, and ending the series on a high note, though not all that funny of one. But that could kind of be the point. Seeing the way this story concluded in its current state feels a lot like a relationship. It’s not always funny, it’s not even always fun, but the good ones, when they get to a certain point, can feel satisfying, empowering, and beautiful. And that’s what this series has done throughout its run. Also, sex jokes. Lots and lots of sex jokes.

Even without seeing the last two installments of the series (though the team has admitted to the final two being a one-off special and a wrap-up issue, making this the effective end of the story), it’s safe to say that somehow, someway, Fraction and Zdarsky took their incredible talents and used them for something good, something fun, and something that I think connected with so many because of how genuine it is. It’s messy, silly, a little dumb, and emotionally powerful. Like any good relationship.

Creative Team: Matt Fraction (writer), Chip Zdarsky (artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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