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‘Wynd #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

James Tynion IV doesn’t waste time raising the stakes in this issue, making this the series to read.

Tynion, along with his artist from The Woods, Michael Dialynas, has created a world in which magic is feared and hated, and anything or anyone that is magical will be killed. This only means that our main character, Wynd, is of course magical, working in a diner and covering his pointy ears so that no one knows. As we continue with Fanbase Press’ company-wide initiative that #StoriesMatter, it matters that Wynd is also an LGBTQ character. The allegory between the magic within him and his homosexuality is being treated in a very realistic way, heartbreakingly so in this second issue. There was a moment in which my heart leapt out of my chest when Wynd admitted to being afraid of himself, and now all I want is for good things to happen to Wynd. I will be there to see what happens to him until the very end. Using metaphor allows creators and readers to process complex and frightening emotions and allows us to relate in ways that maybe we don’t have the ability at times to fully comprehend.

As the king of this country lies in his bed, slowly (or quickly) dying – it’s difficult to say, he has brought into town a figure known as the Bandaged Man, someone who can literally smell magic on someone. While the king abhors magic, his son seems to be up to something else that may trickle down to our hero Wynd.

The book is gorgeous. Dialynas is so good at capturing what the characters are going through. The design of the book is both ominous and vibrant. Everything about this book should be a reason for you to pick it up and start reading. The only complaint I have… is that it’s only going to be five issues long.

Creative Team: James Tynion IV (writer), Michael Dialynas (artist), Aditya Bidikar (letters), Scott Newman (designer), Eric Harburm (editor), Gwen Waller (assistant editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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