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‘All-America Comix #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Don’t get confused; this is not Marvel Comics’ Miss America, though we do see versions of Marvel characters in this Image comic, which felt odd. This is America Vazquez, a character developed by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta; she was their updated version of the character from Marvel Comics that first appeared back in the 1940s. To read more about the semi-confusing history of both Americas and how they relate, check out this article from The Hollywood Reporter.

If you haven’t read any comics about either America, this is a great jumping-on point. You meet headstrong America Vasquez, a young Latina woman living in California who can jump dimensions and has super strength and the ability of flight. She is very much portrayed here as a modern millennial superhero (sometimes to a slightly heavy handed degree). She is flying solo (literally) and fights bad guys all on her own and of her choosing. She only confides in one person, her best friend Izzy, who is the calm, kind, level-headed one. This issue also passes the Bechdel test with flying colors. (I do hope we get a little LGBTQ romance at some point, although, at this point, I can’t remember which America that storyline fell in with.)

In this issue, we get great action and great art by the phenomenal Dustin Nguyen. Most of this issue is an intro, set up, and then a cliffhanger, which is a bit strange since on the Image Comics website, it is listed as a one-shot. I really hope it isn’t a one-shot, because we need more strong Latina characters in comics, and I want to see what America does next!

Creative Team: Joe Casey (story), Dustin Nguyen (art)
Publisher:  Image Comics
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H.E. Rogers, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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