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‘That Texas Blood #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

If you are a fan of the ever-desired crime and murder shows that populate the networks, then I hope you have taken a dive into crime noir comics. Whenever I recommend this genre to people, they are often surprised that comics like this exist. They do, and they are AWESOME which segues nicely into my review of Image Comics’ newest ongoing crime story, That Texas Blood.

We enter a small Texas town, where everyone knows everyone, as well as all of their business. We follow the town sheriff Joe Bob Coates on his 70th birthday, where some small-town disturbances and drama turn into something much more sinister. In a style very similar to the famed crime noir team of Brubaker and Phillips, which makes sense since Jacob Phillips is the son of Sean Phillips, we get a hard-hitting crime story that feels eerily real.

If you have been a fan of Brubaker and Phillips’ Image projects, then this new #1 is right up your probably-dark-and-sinister alley. Pick it up at your local comic book shop and show them your support now that they are (hopefully) open!

Creative Team:  Chris Condon (Writer) & Jacob Phillips (Art)
Publisher:  Image Comics
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