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‘Adventureman #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Matt Fraction is back with Terry Dodson to bring us an action/adventure story right out of the 1940s… er, wait. No, the modern era. Well, the first issue of this rollicking, fun time splits the difference.

We’re introduced to Adventureman and his team of do-gooder heroes in the midst of a citywide crisis. Right away, the stakes are high, and the images are visceral. A team of villains appears, and they all throw down. Then, something happens and we’re in a modern-day city where we meet Claire (a character who is hard of hearing), her ten-year-old hyper son, and their high-energy extended family. Claire prefers a peaceful life ever since her mom died and that means running her mom’s used bookstore. Yes, these two worlds begin to collide.

There is a lot of heart that has been put into this comic book. First, Dodson is a wonderful artist. His cinematic visuals that always make it feel like you’re in The Rocketeer. His choice of colors are always spot on, and they bring the story to life in some amazing and refreshing ways. The bronze color palette he brings to the 1940s sequences is beautiful. I could just scroll up and down through the pages admiring the work.  

This is a family friendly book, and with that comes a couple tropes, one in which the main character, Claire, experiences something completely bonkers, but she shrugs it off as opposed to reacting how an actual person might. That sort of reaction is more in line with family friendly fare. Don’t mistake this as a critique, just a tonal observation. The dialogue has the usual Fraction quippy pacing, and Dodson’s action scenes are so much fun to follow. This first issue is a win on my side.

Creative Team: Matt Fraction (writer), Terry Dodson (pencils, colors), Rachel Dodson (inks), Clayton Cowles (letters), Leonardo Olea, (designer), Lauren Sankovitch, Turner Lobey (editor)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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