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‘Cosmic Force #6:’ Comic Book Review

The world is a big, scary place right now.  Things are changing that are very much beyond our control, and the world that we lived and laughed in just months ago seems like an alien memory, fading with time.  What’s amazing is how much people are pulling together at all levels, whether it’s a bakery keeping its doors open by selling flour and yeast to home bakers, or a community taking care of its elder members by buying them groceries.  There is a level of unity that is foundational to the way we live our lives and our willingness to put ourselves out there for others.

This is not everyone’s journey, however.  Sadly, there are many people dealing with this isolation and separation alone, and that’s where Cosmic Force #6 finds us.  Five ordinary folks gifted with incredible abilities who are simply trying to find a new equilibrium in the world, making the best of their situation and missing the lives that they had before.  While this story focuses more towards tension and the action releasing it, we can find ourselves in these pages navigating a reality that seems so different from what we knew just a short time ago.  The Cosmic Force team suffered a life-altering event that puts every move under the microscope; every intention and gesture becomes of enormous import, and we can learn valuable lessons from it now.  It’s a story where the broken folks seeking answers themselves are able to still choose to make the right calls.  This issue more than any yet focuses on what the five star watchers left behind, what it means to have lost the lives they so enjoyed and finding a peace and self-awareness in where they are now, knowing that there’s no going back.

Carter’s artwork continues to grow, layering action into panels with a much more firm grasp of the mechanics of it.  Having seen the incremental moves that he’s made, it’s becoming awesome to watch these characters develop and grow along with the time he spends with him. Carter shows some big confidence in himself by letting the action on the page speak for itself, not muddying his momentum with unnecessary storytelling laid over a unique visual palette.  It’s the quiet kind of strength found in a creator that values themselves and trusts in their story.

Fun-filled action for a wide array of ages, Cosmic Force #6 continues to delight and engage its audience without ever talking down to them.  I think that this is a great superhero mystery with engaging characters and multiple storylines that can be as accessible as it is. It’s a credit to the creator.

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Creative Team:  Allen Carter (Writer/Creator/Illustrator)
Publisher: Carter Comics
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Erik Cheski, Fanbase Press Contributor



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