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‘Deiciders #2:’ Comic Book Review

The creators of Deiciders have returned with another chapter in a mythical quest featuring warriors hunting down fantastic creatures. Deiciders #2 has Ulfrith and Olaf continuing on from the end of their journey in Issue 1, where they battled a pair of gigantic wolves. This time, they’re on the hunt for a fire-breathing dragon, but their previous battle has left them injured and in need of help. Should they trust Freya, a stranger who seemingly helps them upon their first meeting?

Writer André Mateus transitions perfectly from the first and second chapters. This massive undertaking of fighting the world’s monsters is well crafted, while being a fun and quick story to breeze through. The characters are ready to do what they must to defeat these mythological creatures, while still having to adapt to receiving help from unknown characters. Additionally, Mateus presents a continuing storyline that makes readers know there’s more to come and – quite simply – makes us want more!

The artistic team behind Deiciders #2 elevates the story visually in a way that keeps a reader engaged. From the panel layout to a mix of colors that match the tone of the story being told, the artwork is on point. Flashbacks include black-and-white imagery, while current events, ranging from soft to vivid colors highlighting shadows and intense scenes, are captured extremely well. Penciler Pedro Mendes, inker Nuno Mesquita Sarabando, colorist Patrik Caetano, and letterer Ryan Bielak are the talented artists behind this story – and the colorful imagery is the major contrast from Deiciders #1, which was initially done in black and white, minus the cover. Now, both color-filled chapters are available on ComiXology.

The cover art for this story is done by Ricardo Venâncio. If you’re looking for an image to grab your attention and to pull a reader into the story, then Venâncio does that instantly upon first glance. Ulfrith and Olaf are centered in the gutted remnants of a giant beast. Splintered ribs, huge talons, and blood-covered weapons are as eye-catching as can be, giving a reader an image that makes them want to open up this story and dive in. Along with flesh dripping from bones, the artist does a great job establishing texture of the creature’s skin. The entire image is dramatic and, along with a compelling story, it makes me excited for a third and fourth chapter in the Deiciders series.

If you’re looking for a reason to why #StoriesMatter, Deiciders #2 captures why mythological monsters and heroes fighting those creatures are so beloved. Set in the lands of Scandinavia, Mateus generates a story that makes me completely recount why I grew up loving larger-than-life tales, where I root for heroes and hope they dispose of the dreaded monster. In this case, it’s a dragon – and who doesn’t love a good dragon tale?

Creative Team: André Mateus (writer), Pedro Mendes (penciler), Nuno Mesquita Sarabando (inker), Patrik Caetano (colorist), Ryan Bielak (letterer), Ricardo Venâncio (cover art)
Publisher: Markosia
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