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‘Monster Matador #12:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #12 of the post-apocalyptic bullfighter series, Monster Matador, feels like an epic finale.  Ramon faces off against his most dangerous foe to date while trying to protect his daughter and their companions as a third party advances on the arena.  The lines between friends and enemies blur, as the intrepid matador relies on his faith and ingenuity to guide everyone to peace.

Because Steven Prince appears to be winding up this storyline for his matador hero, I don’t want to say too much about the main plot.  Everything picks up where issue #11 ended (Ramon facing the beast in the arena of the Guapo Cartel) and crescendos, then gently ends on a coda that bookends perfectly with the origin of the hero. It hit all of the right beats for me as a reader, and the conclusion felt warranted.    

There is only one monster in Monster Matador #12, but it’s a doozy!  Additionally, there are several pages of involved fight sequences featuring a variety of fighting styles (swords, fists, guns, etc.).  .The large scenes are not always highly detailed, but the drawings convey motion and intensity well.

I know that being reluctant to reveal much about the storyline to prevent spoilers seems like a cop out, but Issue #12 of this series isn’t a jumping-on point.  Fans of the series should definitely pick this issue up, because it’s a fitting conclusion to this story arc (Ramon will be back per the author’s note at the end of the issue!) and it’s just a fun read.  If you haven’t read Monster Matador before, go back to issue #1 and work your way through the adventure.  Then, we all just have to sit back until the Monster Matador rides again in the name of Misericordia Divina!

4.5 Long Group Names and Oaths of Fealty out of 5

Creative Team:  Steven Prince (Story and art), Hallie Prince (editor)
Publisher: 2510 Press
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