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‘Mercy #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

There is a real shortage of Victorian gothic-style comics, so color me thrilled that Image has a brand new one hitting the stands this week. The first issue of Mercy is full of gorgeous art, strong female characters, and is a titillating setup for what feels like a new Image must read.

A disaster befalls the small town of Woodsburgh.  While the town mourns, a mysterious woman arrives, leaving death in her wake. Mercy has all the makings of a cinematic, BBC-style show like Penny Dreadful or Sherlock.     

Marika Andolfo, who is both artist and writer, crafts beautiful art and time period-appropriate clothing for every character (especially the women) which makes this sucker for wardrobe very happy. As the story progresses, mystery hangs in the air. We meet the two main characters, Lady Swanson (a wealthy widow) and Miss Hellaine (a pale and stunning stranger). (I am going to bet there is a reason “hell” is in her name.) And while Miss Hellaine is clearly draped in mystery from the get-go, we soon see that Lady Swanson may be, as well, and not in the way we expect.

If you love stories like Fatale and Locke & Key, pick up Mercy. I love a good time-period, girl-power horror story, and with Andolfo’s art and enticing story, this new first issue does not disappoint.

Creative Team:  Marika Andolfo (Story & Art) 
Publisher:  Image Comics
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H.E. Rogers, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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