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‘WYRD Volume 1:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

WYRD is a crime noir-style story of a previous super-soldier who can’t remember his past and heals incredibly fast. Think Captain America and Wolverine but with serious depression. Because Wyrd has a certain set of skills, he is called upon by a mysterious CIA-type organization to clean up and take care of the messes no one else can, often involving other super-powered or strange humans.

I love the overall concept of the story. A twist on classic DC and Marvel heroes you know, it’s definitely not a new concept by any means, but an enjoyable one. I do like the little science fiction and mystery twists that shoot a little more originality into the veins of the story. The execution both in art and writing is a bit choppy; the individual issues of this title jumped in time and occasionally changed artists; however, with pieces of this story, the art change was an advantage, as it aided in telling that part of story, but it made for a far less fluid arc.

What I liked most about the story was the underlying history of protagonist himself Pitor Wyrd. Who doesn’t love a good mysterious man who is even a mystery to himself? I enjoyed learning about his past along with him, getting the satisfying shocks and reveals. In some ways, he is the typical anti-hero – an alcoholic and sarcastic – but he does have a few added twists. In a world of men who want to live forever, all he wants is to die (which you learn by page three when he tries to kill himself by jumping off a building, an apparently normal occurrence). This small twist makes everything – his past and his present – more poignant.

While this book didn’t blow my mind, it was a compelling story. If you are a fan of modern-day, dark superhero stories with a twist, pick up a copy of WYRD at your local comic shop.

Creative Team:  Curt Pires (writer), Antonio Fuso & Stefano Simeonen (art)
Publisher:  Dark Horse
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H.E. Rogers, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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