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‘Undiscovered Country #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In a new reality where the United States has sealed itself off from the rest of the world, we step into a “black box” America, one that has changed dramatically. New territories have emerged, new leaders have risen, and shocking and terrifying creatures have begun to roam the lands that so many once called home. With that in mind, seven people – handpicked for a diplomatic mission to save the world from a deadly virus – have made their way past the massive wall that keeps America away from everyone else, with results looking a bit mixed at the moment.

This is a fascinating story examining an alternate version of the U.S. which has totally isolated itself, becoming a fully independent nation. With the event referred to as “The Sealing,” America has become almost a myth, with the events happening inside the wall ranging from the post-apocalyptic to the sinister to the flat-out unbelievable. By focusing on this small group of envoys, the new version of America can unfold slowly, allowing the reader to learn about each zone of the new country. In the west, the Destiny Man reigns supreme, forcing all who live inside his zone to fight to survive, so that they can be free. It’s a very interesting way to look at how society can break down when cut off from everywhere else, and something that is, despite how farfetched it is, entirely possible.

Charles Soule and Scott Snyder, two titans in the comics industry, have crafted this series in an incredible way. With meticulous research and big ideas, this duo brings their amazing vision and talent to a world that needs them, building an environment that is as curious as it is nightmarish.

I love this series, and I am also so unnerved by it, which I think is what makes this story so important as a whole. While the entire country devolving into a Mad Max-style dystopia is incredibly unlikely, the path that we’re on both internally and globally puts us closer and closer to making wild decisions like this as each day passes. Events facing us in the modern era will affect the choices we have to make in the future, and I think that exploring avenues like this is both entertaining and prudent; even a fictionalized version of this world can help to inform us of how things could be handled in later generations. It also shows the passion that creators like Soule and Snyder have for helping to highlight potential doomsday scenarios, using their platforms to show the events that could be on the horizon to bring us to a point where an isolated nation isn’t out of the question.

While Soule and Snyder do an amazing job of setting up the world, it wouldn’t be nearly as impactful without the work of co-creator and artist Guiseppe Camuncoli, as well as fellow artists Daniele Orlandini and Matt Wilson. Visually, this is a stunning series, and with the setting and story that has been set up by the writing team, Camuncoli, Orlandini and Wilson can create amazing and original creatures and worlds, adding to a premise that is a bit scary in its own right. With the original and downright scary creatures and characters built by this art team, this is a perfect combination of terrific plot and gorgeous artwork. It’s a fascinating series that should be read from the beginning. It’s well worth it, and there’s so much more left to come.

Creative Team: (Charles Soule, Scott Snyder (writers), Guiseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandini, Matt Wilson (artists)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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