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‘Tales from Harrow County #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In this issue, Bernice sets out with her goblin friend to find the source of the music that’s bringing the dead back to life in Harrow County. It’s World War II, and many of the dead are soldiers who are bringing comfort to the families upon their return; however, there are also dark forces coming back and taking the living with them.

This is a really fun tale. While it may not be as spooky as the original series, it has the heart and soul of it.  It has the joy of bringing this dark world of magic to life. I actually cackled gleefully at one point while reading this issue.

So far, there is a fundamental difference in between Tales from Harrow County and the original run of Harrow County. Harrow County was about a character and what she represented. The world and the lore expanded from there. Tales from Harrow County is about a character dealing with a situation that is not personally related to her, and while this is still a good, enjoyable story, the stakes haven’t felt as high. Now this might change, as most series by Cullen Bunn expand and grow as they continue along. I’m definitely not going anywhere, and I’m genuinely curious to see where this series will go next, especially if we’re going to find out more about who Bernice is and where her powers come from.

#StoriesMatter because they make us want to know more about the characters in the story. They create empathy, and that empathy can very easily grow into our daily lives. Bunn and Crook, despite the differences with the original series, are creating multi-dimensional characters that you genuinely want to know more about. You want to understand them. These are valuable skills to take into the real world.

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook (creators), Cullen Bunn (script), Naomi Franquiz (art), Tyler Crook (letters), Daniel Chabon (editor) Chuck Howitt (assistant editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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