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‘Alienated #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m so happy that #StoriesMatter to me. That I can pick up an issue of a comic book by one of my favorite writers, knowing that I’m going to be taken someplace completely unexpected. That’s how I always feel reading a book by Simon Spurrier.
Having relished his previous series, Coda, I was 100% ready to dive into his next creator-owned project.  Here it is: Alienated – a sci-fi take on what it means to be a loner in high school. The first page of this issue will never prepare you for the final page, and that’s what I love!

In a small town called Tangletree, three kids who have six months to graduate each go by the name of Sam: Samuel, Samantha, and Samir. Each has a pretty clear-cut reason why no one really seems to like them, and each reacts differently to their social standing: one wants his voice to be heard; one wants to be left alone; and one wants to be liked by everyone. It doesn’t take long for the three to converge and quickly stumble on a strange alien object in the woods. This alien object has an unexpected reaction to the three of them, and they end up having to deal with it for the day.

Another element that they have to deal with is a local xenophobic bully. Again, each of our Sams has a very different way to deal with this jerk. Of course, with the alien object now in their life, things go terribly awry.

As with Spurrier’s other works, there is definitely an offbeat edge to this story. He has a wonderful sense of humor and a penchant for taking his characters on a real journey, both inside and out.

I really enjoy Chris Wildgoose’s artistic work, especially the final few pages when the story starts to go bonkers. Combined with André May’s colors, the terrifyingly surreal elements hit that much harder.

The rules of this world have been set for us, but who knows where this is going! I’m ready and excited to find out.

Creative Team: Simon Spurrier (writer), Chris Wildgoose (artist), André May (colors), Jim Campbell (letters)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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