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‘Tales from Harrow County #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Several years after Emmy left Harrow County, her dearest friend Bernice Anderson had been left as a protector, making sure that the local haints (weird creatures that haunt the local forest) are all in check and that the townsfolk are happy and healthy.  After years of peace, however, a strange song is being sung at night, and the ghosts of the dead are returning and seem just as confused as the townsfolk. The song is also bringing back some pretty monstrous creations.

While Bernice has her hands full with this new menace, religion has also reared its ugly head in the world of Harrow County which puts Bernice in a greater pickle. You see, Bernice is black, and it’s World War II. Historically, it’s not the easiest time for her, especially in the south. Also, she’s a lesbian and in a secret relationship with a white woman – a nurse named Georgia. That’s a lot! Cullen Bunn is handling his characters, as he does in everything he writes, with empathy and intelligence. Bernice and Georgia aren’t just props; in each and every panel, they are handled deftly, and artist Naomi Franquiz brings their love for each other to life through their expressions and body language. It’s a healthy relationship in an unhealthy time.

Unlike the original Harrow County, Tales from Harrow County doesn’t have as specific a center piece as they did with Emmy. It’s neither better or worse for it, but brings to the world a slightly different texture to build on and grow with, and I love that. It keeps me guess, it keeps me curious, and it keeps me coming back to read more!

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook (creators), Cullen Bunn (script), Naomi Franquiz (art), Tyler Crook (letters), Daniel Chabon (editor) Chuck Howitt (assistant editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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