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‘Ascender #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Vampires, vampires, vampires. Everyone loves vampires, and this comic book series is not an exception.   But unlike the sexy heart-throb glittering types, here, we get the dredges of the universe who were created to serve a higher purpose. In short, it means these vampires are expendable.  

Apparently, vampires can also be snobs. Who knew?  Too bad the ones on Sampson discover they are not the only predator on the loose. A new hunter is in town, and its name is “The Last Scrapper.”  The scene where Telsa was rescued by her second-in-command and longtime lover Helda in the last issue was pretty awesome, but, in this issue, the story switches back to Andy’s predicament: his vampire wife.  On the verge of being eaten by her, he is temporarily saved by Mother who wants him alive to track down Mira’s companion robot dog; however, Mother has an even bigger surprise waiting for her at The Citadel.

Blood and gore should be the subtitle of this issue, as we are treated to a lot of it.  Mother will pretty much do anything to get her hands on that robot dog. (So would I, actually.) This was also a good time to introduce a new player in the mix (“The Last Scrapper”). I have no idea what that means, but I’m willing to run with it. Mother is consistent in her use of her power, Andy continues to be a badass, and Telsa falls back into her selfish ways.  Her character is even more interesting to me as I just read the first volume of Descender.  (I know, I’m late to the party.)

As usual, the art is impressive and I’m always amazed at how much emotional nuance Mr. Nguyen can get out of his characters using watercolors.  

Stay tuned for the next round.

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Dustin Nguyen (artist), Steve Wands (letterer)
Publisher: Image Comics
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