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‘Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds’ – Trade Paperback Review

For years, Samurai Jack comic book adaptations have always captured the intersection of nostalgia and new adventure. From the time that the animated series left the air, the comics have acted not as supplemental material, but as a means of logging Jack’s adventures in a strange, new land. Now, with the collection of Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds, readers have the chance to read about Jack’s other adventures.

In its basic premise, a Samurai tries to defeat a demon but instead is sent into a future where the demon rules the world. In truth, Samurai Jack is really a tale about an immigrant trying to bring truth to power in a foreign land, striving to be virtuous in a system that is always working against him. The magic of Samurai Jack has been the revelation of how a people strive to fight against their plunder.  Here, readers follow four of Jaxk’s unique standalone stories, capturing the essence of Jack in terms of his work as an epic hero.

Together, creators Paul Allor and Adam Bryce Thomas are able to bring a new journey to life with the series. Each story has the magnitude and absurdity that fans expect from the TV series, but, like the last season of Samurai Jack, there is an exploration in maturity for this series in great subtlety. The artwork is reminiscent of the cartoon but manages to blend the dynamics of the studio house art style found within most comic series. This unique art and writing offers a new tale, within one that’s being told from the past.

Creative Team: Paul Allor (writer), Bryce Thomas (artist), Christa Miesner (letterer), Robbie Robbins
Publisher: IDW Publishing and Adult Swim
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Arbaz Mohammad Khan, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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