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‘Narcos #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

There are a myriad of crime dramas that have tackled the war on drugs in some aspect. Shows like The Wire, Breaking Bad, Snowfall, Weeds, Powers, Scarface, and Sons of Anarchy have all touched on this modern epidemic. The fascination of the series, Narcos, was witnessing the biographical journey of cartel boss Pablo Escobar. Influenced by this premise, the four-issue miniseries broadens the conspiracy and harm that the international drug trade caused within the 1990s. For those interested in its history or for fans of the TV series, this new comic is an eclectic admiration.

In its first issue, the series introduces new characters in two interrelated simultaneous plots.

For returning DEA Agents Murphy and Peña, two new agents are introduced. The introduction of these agents has the pair riled, with Peña stating that they, “Don’t have time to babysit,” but it brings new light into the dynamics of the DEA agents’ journey. On the other side of the narrative spectrum is the plot of Pablo Escobar. Here, El Patron is facing an antagonist towards his drug empire.  

Each panel captures a fantastic essence of the actors that portray Pena and Murphy; however, colorist Cris Peter consistently adds dimensions to this series’ visuals. Each character is found to have varying shades to their colors, producing an unconscious signal to the reader that this will be a morally nuanced and emotionally charged story. One where we get to navigate the motives and intentions behind a character as new stressors have been placed upon them. While most tie-in books weave new plot threads, Ferrier offers readers new insight into the characters we loved from the TV series.

Creative Team: Ryan Ferrier (writer), Vic Malhotra (artist), Cris Peter (colorist), Neil Uyetake (letterer)
Publisher: IDW Publishing, Gaumont Books
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Arbaz Mohammad Khan, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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